Public Interest Environmental Litigation

I have been practicing public interest environmental law since 1992, primarily representing citizen groups suing the federal government over its failure to protect public lands, endangered species, air & water, or to comply with public records requests.  I have argued dozens of cases before district courts, courts of appeals, and even one before the U.S. Supreme Court.


I am offering to handle all aspects of appeals in the federal and state courts, from sole or lead role to “second chair” assistance, and from the notice of appeal to the briefing and argument stages (and even Supreme Court practice if needed).

Litigation Mentoring

I have always taken an interest in helping new lawyers beginning in public interest law, especially those who have chosen the solo or small firm model, and I know that I benefitted from mentors when I was starting out. If I joined your case you would remain lead counsel, but I could help with drafting pleadings and briefs, preparing for argument, dealing with clients and opposing counsel, litigation strategy, etc.

General Co-Counsel and Litigation Consulting Assistance

Perhaps you are not a “new” lawyer but would still like co-counsel to assist with briefing or argument, and with whom to knock around ideas. Or maybe you just need a glorified “law clerk” with 30 years of litigation experience who can research and write a motion that you can actually trust to contain the best arguments and law out there and that is ready to file. Either way, I could be of assistance to your case. 


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